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Small Businesses Deserve Exquisite Products and Services

Most Chinese tea companies focus on selling to large-scale distributors by setting high minimum order requirements. This leaves small companies wishing to sell high quality Chinese tea with no options. At Teas and Thes, we know that over two-thirds of innovative ideas come from modestly-sized companies. So we chose to take a different innovative approach. We decided to concentrate on you—the small-to-medium sized company— because at Teas and Thes we think small is exquisite. We believe you deserve the same opportunity to sell a high quality, wide variety of Chinese teas at affordable prices. Our minimum is 5kg, which can be comprised of several different teas. We are unique in doing this.

World-wide, tea lovers admire the high quality and variety of Chinese teas. We have the most diverse teas, including White Tea, Black Tea, Green Tea, Oolong Tea, and Puerh Tea. Whether you own a tearoom, a restaurant, or sell tea products, you cannot lay a better foundation for your tea business than with Chinese teas from Teas and Thes.

Good Quality Builds Business into Quantity

Tea originated in China. Our teas have been savored for thousands of years, and the processing methods used today have been inherited from ancient China. China offers unique geographic and environmental features ideally suited to grow high quality teas. The variety of teas exist because of the specific fog, soil, sunshine, and rain in different mountainous regions. Tea lovers appreciate good quality tea. Teas and Thes knows that repeat business depends on quality, not the cheapest price, so we strive to sell the highest quality Chinese teas at the most affordable wholesale prices.

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Long-term Relationship is Our Goal

We do not aim for the quick sale. We believe in building a solid relationship and long-term cooperation. We pay very close attention to every detail of your order to make sure you are absolutely satisfied with our service and products. Seeking quick sales is shortsighted, and not our business way. Whether you have just begun your tea business or have been engaged in it for a long time, we believe the best business is one based on quality service, good products, and best prices. We invite you to be part of this vision.

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Quality Wholesale Teas with Private Label Options

We visit various tea farms throughout China. Any farm we use must meet high international standards: the European low pesticide residues standard, Organic Certification including USDA Certification, EU Certification, and JAS Certification. Organic tea, for example, must be grown on chemical-, pesticide-, and herbicide-free soil for at least 10 years. We talk with the tea makers, use trained tea tasters, and make commitments to tea farms that meet our high vision. Our final goal is always to provide you, the small- and medium-sized business, with affordable wholesale prices and custom service.

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